Online flash games and Symbian

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In recent time wireless internet communication has became really fast thanks to development of 3G, HSDPA, UMTS, CDMA and even 4G or WiMAX data transfer technologies. Nowadays almost every new smartphone model, which is released, is equipped with Wi-Fi module. It is even hard to find a phone, with which you can't browse web or check your mailbox. Most of Symbian smartphones comes with 3G or even 4G receivers, which makes web browsing really fast. Those protocols are fast enaugh to stream video or even to play online games over them.

Although currently there are not many online action or racing games with multiplayer support found, some graphically simplier games like blackjack online are. Some of online casinos even have developed applicatins for various mobile platforms, including Symbian, using which it is possible to play roulette or poker on smartphone just like on a computer.

Most of the online games, like FarmVille, Mafia Wars or online casinos, are coded in flash format, which is not popular enough for mobiles yet, as it requires powerful processor and higher resolution display. At the time there are only few smartphone models which are capable of playing flash content, however it is just a matter of time when flash in phone will become a standard feature. It will not be a problem to play slots online, harvest your crops in FarmVille or even play poker with your friends.

It is possible to play those games in Symbian phones even now by using Skyfire web browser. However those devices are still too weak for flash to be played fluently and to be enjoyable.

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